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Model 2DR10M

Heavy duty tandem dually with a 25,900 lb. GVWR.  The Standard deck is 8' wide and 25' long, including a 5' dovetail with 5' long side adjustable ramps for easy loading.


Model 2DR10M-PH


With a 25,900 lbs. GVWR, this is a heavy hauler. The standard deck length is 25’ and the width is 8’. A 5’ length on the dovetail along with 5’ long side adjustable ramps make loading heavy equipment a breeze! This model is also available in a gooseneck configuration.


   Model EX714TA2 (Continental )


Overall Length  17' 10" 
Width  8' 6" 
Height  8' 
Interior Length  14' 7"
Width  6' 8" 
Height  6' 4" 
Rear Door  Double
Width  6'
Height  5' 6"
Hitch Weight  228 lbs. 
Height  18"
Ball Size  2-5/16"
Platform Height  18"
G.V.W.R  7,000 lbs.
Curb Weight  2,275 lbs. 
Payload  4,725 lbs.
Axles (Tandem)  3,500 lbs. 
Brakes  Electric 
Tires  ST205/75D14/C 
Wheels  5 Bolt 
Frame  4" Tube 
Floor (24" O/C)  3/4" Plywood 
Side Walls (16" O/C)  3/8" Plywood 

Model 3DR7M
Model 3DR7M

GVWR on this model is 22,500 lbs. Shown here in a gooseneck design, this trailer allows for ease of towing of heavy loads behind a variety of tow vehicles. Standard dimensions on the deck are 8’x25’. The dovetail is 5’ long and the side adjustable ramps are also 5’ in length, thus creating an easy load approach. The standard three-axle leaf spring suspension is joined together with equalizers for a smooth ride on and off the highway. This model is also available in an adjustable height pintle hitch configuration.
Model 2SD7M
Model 2LS7M

The GVWR on this trailer is 15,800 lbs. The standard deck dimensions are 8’x20’. Whether you need to haul a load of hay on the ranch or haul a load of construction material across the metropolitan area, this trailer can handle the job with great ease. Other hitch configurations are also available.
Model 2LS7M
Model 2LS7M

This trailer is designed for handling loads requiring an extra low deck. It has a GVWR of 15,800 lbs. The standard deck dimension is 80"x20’. Ramps are a standard feature on this unit as well. The ramps are stored in a convenient cage at the rear or, on request, can be attached to the trailer on a side adjustable ramp bar for more ease of handling. As is the case with all Superior trailers, brakes are standard on all axles and a safety break-away system with tow charger is included.
Model 2DR7M
Model 2DR7M

Intermediate loads are perfect for this trailer. It has a large deck dimension, 8’x25’, including a 5’ long dovetail, and 5’ long attached side adjustable ramps for easy loading! The GVWR is 15,800 lbs. Shown here in a gooseneck configuration, it’s also available with an adjustable pintle hitch.

Model 2PT6M-T
Model 2PT6M-T

It tilts! This specialty trailer is designed primarily for use in loading skidsteer type equipment. It has a large angle iron frame, and an all steel diamond plate deck. The GVWR of this trailer is 12,000 lbs. Forged steel "D" rings are standard equipment. Standard deck dimension is 80"x16’. 
Model 2PT6M
Model 2PT6M

Our standard heavy pull type trailer is rated at 10,000 lbs. GVWR, and is built with a stout 6" channel frame and 3" channel crossmembers.  Stored away ramps are standard equipment, as well as stake pockets down both sides and front. The standard hitch on this unit is a 2 5/16" coupler.  The standard deck dimensions are 80"x16’. 

Model 2PT3M
Model 2PT3ML

Our light pull type trailer, popular for various types of industry, can handle loads ranging from full size cars and mowing equipment to all types of construction materials. It has a GVWR of 7,000 lbs. The standard deck dimension is 80"x16’. This trailer also comes standard with stored away ramps and stake pockets down both sides and front.
Model 2PT3M-L

If you need a landscape trailer, this is it!  The GVW is 7,000 lbs. and standard deck dimension is 80"x16’. There is a fender-high rail around the sides, and a full-width split ramp at the rear.  In front is a full-width expanded metal tool box with (2) swing-open, front- access doors, and a full-width access area above the tool box.
Model 2PT6M-DD

The GVW of this trailer is 10,000 lbs. The standard deck dimension is 80"x16’. With 4" drop axles and a large angle iron frame, the deck sits low for easy loading of skidsteers and other equipment.  Diamond plate steel deck, side adjustable attached ramps, and forged steel "D" rings are all standard equipment.  Available with an adjustable 2 5/16" coupler or pintle hitch.
Model 2GD7M-PH

Dump trailers available in various sizes.  Shown is our model 2GD7M-PH.  The GVW is 13,250 lbs.  Standard deck dimension is 80" x 14'.  Other dimensions available on request.  They come standard with 24" sides and swing-open rear gates.  The electric/hydraulic hoist provides power for both up and down movement.  Dump trailers also available with a gooseneck configuration.


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